Have you ever found yourself bored, lonely, or just not ready to go back to work yet?  I have, and that is exactly how this site came to be!

Everyone needs a little alone time, or possible they just need to kill a few minutes or maybe even hours.  Whether you are in the bathroom, on the bus, at school, or even at work there are plenty of opportunities to relax and give yourself the mental break you deserve.

Water Closet Games is a new company that is dedicated to developing games and useful applications specifically for the mobile platform. This currently includes the iPhone and the iPod Touch as well as any device running Google’s Android OS. So far we have developed just three applications, but I promise they are good. If you are a fan of Yahoo Euchre or just enjoy playing Euchre with some of your friends then you will love this first game. It is called
Euchre! and plays on Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and any device running Google’s Android operating system. The second application is called iRemote. and runs on Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. It allows you to control the iPod portion of another iPhone or iPod Touch also running iRemote. Our newest application is called AsteriskVM and it connects to your Asterisk phone system and allows you to visually check your voicemail on your iPhone or iPod Touch and now also on the Android platform.