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Euchre!Consider Euchre! the ultimate iPhone and Google Android Euchre game. Whether you are traveling or looking for a way to kill a few minutes, you will love this classic game—the same game played at countless get-togethers and parties. Euchre! will increase your Euchre playing skills, and will be the game you just can't do without.

You will love navigating the multiple screens with the simple sweep of a finger. Adjust the speed and difficulty from Euchre!'s startup screen. The game table screen is simplistic and user friendly. Sweep your finger left to see the cards played on the last trick. Sweep your finger right to view the four players' last hand. Euchre! gives the user the popular option to hang the dealer.

Euchre! can be played on both the Apple iPhone and Apple’s iPod Touch as well as any device running Google’s Android OS.


  • Hang the dealer
  • Go alone
  • Multiple computer skill levels
  • Computer speed adjustments
  • Intuitive game board design
  • Score keeping

  • If you find yourself getting annoyed with the computer's "playing logic" try increasing the computers' skill level from the options menu. The computer will make more intelligent choices as the skill level increases.

Updates - 2/10/2009
  • Cards are now grouped by suit when the are dealt.
  • Added game restore. The game will now remember where you left off when you exit Euchre!
Updates - 1/6/2008
  • Increased difficulty of the “Intermediate” and “Expert” modes. In “Expert” mode the computer is about as good as a Euchre player can get. Without the computer cheating that is!
Updates - 12/15/2008
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the game to crash when played in “Expert” mode

What's coming in the next release?

View screen shots of Euchre! | Click here to download for $1.99!