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AsteriskVMIntroducing AsteriskVM, the first visual voicemail application made to run on the iPhone and any Android enabled device that connects to an Asterisk phone server. WIth AsteriskVM you will be able to check your voice mail on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, or an Android enabled device without having to dial into your phone system and press a series of buttons just to hear your voicemail, it will even notify you if you receive a new voicemail. Now you can set up your account once and it will automatically log into your voicemail and display any messages you have. Using AsteriskVM you have the ability to skip ahead through a lengthy voicemail or delete the message before it is even finished playing. With AsteriskVM you can listen to your voicemail through the speaker phone and then raise it your ear and it will automatically route the sound through the receiver speak so no one else can hear the message, lower it once again and it will start playing through the speaker phone.

Note: This application is dependent on the Asterisk Recording Interface (ARI). If you do not have the ARI web portal to check your voicemails via a web browser you need to install ARI.

NEW! How to enable push notifications on your server


  • Using Apple’s Push Notification Service, it will notify your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad of any new voicemails that are received.
  • Using Andoid’s C2DM Notification Service, it will notify your Android enabled device of any new voicemails that are received.
  • Store multiple voicemail accounts
  • Quickly delete multiple messages at once
  • Move messages from one folder to another
  • Skip forward or backwards in a voicemail
  • Pause the voicemail
  • Listen through the receiver speaker or the speaker phone (iPhone only)
  • Visually see when the voicemail was received and the length of it
  • Call back the person who left you a voicemail

Tested successfully on:

Does not work on:
  • None that I know of yet! If it does not work for you send us a message on our support page and we’ll try to make it compatible with your system.
Updates - 4/28/2010
  • Added the option to use SSL.
  • Added push notification support. When a new voicemail is left it will send a notification to your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Updates - 3/9/2010
  • Added call back functionality.
  • Added help screen to Account page
  • Fixed bug that was logging user out after playing first message
Updates - 2/27/2010
  • Added the ability to remove multiple voicemails at once.
  • Removed the option of using the PHP script file to communicate with Asterisk server. It’s now completely dependent on Asterisk ARI.
  • Added “No Messages” message if your account has no voicemail.
  • Updated interface.
Updates - 2/12/2010
  • Removed the need to place a file on your Asterisk server. As long as the your server has the ARI (Asterisk Recording Interface) which allows you to check your voicemail on the web, you should be able to use AsteriskVM without ever installing anything on your server.

What's coming in the next release?

View screen shots of AsteriskVM | Click here to download for 3.99! | Push Notification Support